Star Wars: The Fallen Knight

Star Wars: The Fallen Knight is a fanedit of the film Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi. My goal was to create a fan edit that was a more focused version of the movie, strictly focusing on the integral plot lines, which in my opinion is almost everything with Luke/Rey/Kylo, with necessary resistance parts to make sure the movie still flows. This cuts the Resistance plotline down quite a bit and removes Finn and Rose's arc altogether leaving Rose as an unnamed Resistance member that helps in the final battle. It takes the movie from a runtime of approximately 2hr 31m, down to 1hr 45m. I've focus grouped my edit with many people to work out the kinks and bugs, and I feel the version that I have created is the best possible version for those who had similar issues with the film, that I did. Click the link to the video below to see some examples of the changes I’ve made.

The .MP4 file is inside of a .ZIP file strictly so Google Drive doesn't flag them for copyright infringement. There is no danger in downloading these files, and you can email me at clarkzuc[email protected] if you have any further questions.

Amazing Quality - 22GB .mp4 - 27,565 kb/s bitrate

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Average Quality - 4GB .mp4 - 4,436 kb/s bitrate


What is it? The Mandalorian: A Star Wars Story is a fanedit of Season 1 of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. I really enjoyed The Mandalorian, and I thought it had a lot to offer. I also thought it would flow better with a couple of the unnecessary episodes in the middle removed. So I did just that. What you have here is The Mandalorian Season 1, with some of the fat trimmed. Episode 5, which I found to be poor on many levels has been entirely removed. Episode 6 was removed as well, even though it wasn't bad, however it wasn't great, and served zero purpose to the overall plot. The story flows perfectly fine without either episode. After removing all intros, "last week on" clips, and the credits (except the credits to episode 8), I ended with a feature length film (though a long one) at the length of 3hr 27m. It might seem a tad long but for telling an entire season's story with no main plot points removed, it's pretty slim. Enjoy!